What to expect

“I’ve pushed submit on your website to have you contact me, so now what?”

now-what-1 First, thanks so much for reaching out. If you are contacting us that means you are a DIY Couple who need help setting up decor, receiving vendors, and making sure all the details happen without a hitch on your wedding day.  I am here to help execute your vision, so it’s important to have some conversations before you decide I am the day-of coordinator for you.

During your free phone consult we will discuss a few things:

-The basics of your wedding: date, time, venue, etc.

-Your wedding style.  Is it a religious wedding? Outdoor? On site reception? What is the size of your wedding party?

-The decor. Here’s the fun part!  What is your setup like?  Do you have a theme?  Do you have a style (think minimalist, boho, traditional, etc.)

-Your expectations for a day-of coordinator.  What exactly do you need done? Will there be family there to help, or is your coordinator responsible for the entire setup? Who will cut your cake? How about post-wedding cleanup?

-Price. The ultimate question, right?  Hamilton Wedding Finishing has pricing based upon the number of guests you anticipate for your wedding day.  This price can be found on our Packages page, and we will talk about all that is included in your chosen package.

Once we have had our initial phone consultation you will receive your personalized quote in 2-3 business days.  Included with your quote is our contract that you can take time to look over, discuss with your partner, and decide if there are any adjustments you’d like to make or any services you’d like to add. (We offer decor pickup/drop off and are willing to chat about other services that might fit your specific needs.)

If you feel there are still certain aspects of the wedding you’d like to discuss we can schedule another consult call, or I am happy to schedule a video conference with you and your fiancĂ©.

Once you are ready to move ahead with reserving your date you will open the quote online, sign to approve the quote and contract, and submit your 10% deposit. Once this is done you are officially on your way to a relaxed wedding day!

Thank you for considering Hamilton Wedding Finishing!

-Darcy Hamilton

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