The best time to hire a Wedding Coordinator

When to hire your.pngThere are many different types of Brides, and many consider hiring a coordinator for their wedding.  Some prefer someone completely take over the reigns, while some just need help with the last minute details.  Knowing which one of these best describes you will help you find the right coordinator, and the right time to look for one.

The Hands-Off Bride

If you are a Bride who gets overwhelmed by the idea of planning and organizing a complete wedding then you will want to consider finding a Wedding Coordinator as soon as possible after your engagement.  Many full time coordinators book over a year in advance, so no time is too early to book.

The Big Picture Bride

This Bride enjoys cultivating the vision of her wedding and knows what the end product should look like, but doesn’t have any interest in getting together the details.  This bride should also book far in advance, at least 1 year out, as a full-time planner will require plenty of time to coordinate with your vendors.

The Details Bride

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This bride loves all of the little stuff about a wedding.  She purchases decor and is in contact with all of her vendors.  She may want to book a coordinator to be able to hand over all of these accumulated contacts and items in the last few months before her wedding.  This Bride should contact a coordinator between 6 months and one year out from your wedding .

The DIY Bride

This is our favorite Bride here at Hamilton Wedding Finishing.  She wants to be involved and in charge of every aspect of her wedding right up until her wedding day.  She has been crafting for months, but knows that on her wedding day she just wants to be able to relax and enjoy one of the biggest moments of her life without worring about how it will all get done.  This Bride should contact a Coordinator between 2 and 6 months out from her big day.

Being a day-of Wedding Coordinator has allowed Hamilton Wedding Finishing to step in with as little as a week’s notice, so if you are a DIY Bride who is worried about finding a day-of coordinator last minute please contact us.  We love to help the overwhelmed bride relax and enjoy her day, and will help if our availablilty allows.

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