What to do with those #weddinggoals

Have you set your wedding goals?  Did you miss our last post about setting wedding goals? Take a look!


Now let’s explore how having wedding goals helps with budgeting, styling, planning, and making sure that your wedding day is the best day ever!


We are going to start with the one that no one really wants to start with.  Do you have a budget? If you have no idea what a typical wedding costs in your area, take a look at this awesome resource to get an idea.

When you have your wedding goals, you can form your budget around the things that are really important to you.

  • Is your goal to throw the biggest, craziest party for your guests?  Photo by Aria Productions PhotographyThen you should work your budget around the reception.  Invest in an amazing DJ, lighting, and the open bar.
  • If your goal is that the venue look perfect, then perhaps you invest in your florals, decorations, and the venue itself. (Don’t forget the Day-of Coordinator to put it all together for you.)

No matter your wedding goal, knowing what you want out of your wedding can help you balance the budget to help you accomplish that goal by spending your money in the areas that mean the most to you.


Having a goal for your wedding can help with the styling of your wedding.

  • weddingpreview-36Is your goal to invoke a feeling of nostalgia for your guests? You can incorporate vintage or antique wedding decorations, a typewriter guest book, or wear a vintage wedding dress. (See more nostalgic wedding ideas.)
  • Do you plan to DIY everything for your wedding? Once you pick a theme (rustic, modern, traditional, etc.) then you know what you need to work on all of the details of your day. This is where the fun rabbit hole of Pinterest comes in.

Be sure that the styling decisions you are making go with your overall goal for the day.  Pick those things that are meaningful and important to you to incorporate into your wedding day.


The most important part of setting goals for your wedding is that it really kick-starts the planning phase of your wedding. It will help keep you focused on your priorities and ideas when planning starts to become overwhelming.

  • Is your goal to have a wedding where you don’t have to plan anything or lift a finger? Then finding a full Wedding Coordinator is for you.  You’ll want to find this person ASAP.
  • Is your goal to have a unique experience for your guests? If so, you can begin creating and planning a fun weekend that you and your guests can participate in together, such as a destination glamping wedding , hiring a special artist or band to perform at your wedding, or planning a post-wedding wine-tasting trip in the Hill Country.

When planning, be sure to have your goals close by so that you can ensure that all the little decisions that need to be made fall in line with your goals for the day.  Print your goals on nice paper and put them in your wedding notebook (if you’re organized like that,) or you can make it your desktop background on your computer if you’re less of a paper person. Either way, having them visible will help you remember what’s really important to you.

Your best day ever!

The ultimate reason for having wedding goals is so you and your fiancé have the best day ever on your wedding day!  By having a clear vision of how you want your big day to look/feel/be, you can simplify your wedding budget, style, and plan. So take a little time to discuss your goals with your fiancé.

So now I want to know:

Do you have  #weddinggoals ?


Photography by Aria Productions and Pine and Blossom Photography.

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