Your investment with a Hamilton Wedding Finishing day-of wedding coordinator.

We know weddings can be expensive, and we’re striving to give you the best services at a great price here at Hamilton Wedding Finishing, but do you want to know exactly what it is you’re investing in?

While looking at our pricing you may find yourself wondering: Where does our invested money go? What does it do? Who does it support?

Now that you know the basics of packages we offer, pricing, and what kind of services you will receive as our client, we’re sharing exactly what you’re investing in with a purchase of our The Relaxed Bride package. 

(Hint: It’s more than just day-of services!)

For your wedding day you are investing in:


As our client, you have access to over 10 years of wedding day coordination experience. This includes tips for your wedding day, timeline creation assistance, vendor recommendations, access to an amazing day-of emergency kit, and professional and prompt execution of your plans on your wedding day. 

Tara and Jordon's wedding at the Allen Farmhaus, New Braunfels, TX.

Excellent service

Our goal is to provide outstanding service to our couples and their guests. We make sure everyone has what they need to feel welcomed, comfortable, and at home at your wedding, and no job is too big or small. We move tables, fetch drinks, cut cake, bustle dresses, and so much more!

DIY table decor at the Villa at Gruene

A calm day and peace of mind

The number one comment we receive most often is “You are so calm.” or “This is the calmest wedding I have ever attended – it went so smoothly!” We believe that our customers deserve an amazing wedding day, and by taking the reigns and allowing our couples (and their families) to be totally hands-off on the day-of, we create a calm, peaceful, joyous, experience for everyone.

romantic wedding at the Allen Farmhaus in New Braunfels, TX.

But your investment goes in to so much more than just the wedding day! Here’s the nitty-gritty about making a small business run!

Behind the scenes you are investing in:

In-office time

Even with day-of coordination, there is quite a bit of work put in ahead of time. There are emails back and forth with our couples, sending quotes, processing meeting notes into checklists, prepping timelines for brides and vendors, emails to vendors the week of the wedding, and so much more!



Every business needs a way to reach their potential clients, no matter what their occupation. For us, this includes a website and email services, advertising with companies like The Knot or social media promotions, vendor relations, and participating in open houses at venues and wedding shows. If you found us, then your investment in our outreach is working!

Continuing Education

We believe strongly in being life-long learners, and just because we have years of experience doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to learn! Your investment helps us to attend conferences and classes to keep learning, growing, and finding better ways to serve you on your wedding day.

Fair pay

While Hamilton Wedding Finishing started off as a 1-(wo)man-show, we have grown and now have another coordinator and assistants to help serve you. We believe that everyone should be paid a fair wage and strive to offer that to our employees – no minimum wage workers here!Darcy'sBehindtheScenes-00036

Supporting a family

Speaking of paying people, every support you give – monetarily, references, reviews – goes to support our families. We are women proud to be able to serve you and your family while also helping to support our families.IMG_9142

Thank you for your support

We feel so grateful for all of our amazing customers – past, current, and future – and are so pleased to be able to serve you and offer you a valuable service for your wedding day.

Please contact us if you have further questions about our services or the investment you are making in day-of coordination. We are happy to help!

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